5 Tips for getting through holiday eating.

The holidays are here and they are full of food.  A pre-party action plan will get through it.  Make the deal and hold to it.  Research has proven the more times you allow yourself to fall short of what you plan the more you will fall short because that is what you expect from yourself.  … Continue reading 5 Tips for getting through holiday eating.

Kodiak Cakes Power Pancakes Lowdown

My variation of Kodiak Protein Pancakes. I saw this box of pancake mix at Costco and since I love pancakes I thought I would give a try.  I NEVER make myself pancakes because they are simply just not that good for you.   This mix is better than regular pancake mix.  The directions call for water, … Continue reading Kodiak Cakes Power Pancakes Lowdown

The Trainers Fitness Intervention

I need a Fitness Intervention. As the trainer I shouldn't. However, on February 16, I was snow skiing and popped a few ligaments in my knee. I couldn't walk for several days, then I had a significant limp followed by week after week of pain and immobility. Just when I thought I was getting good … Continue reading The Trainers Fitness Intervention

Top 5 Tips For Getting Summer Sexy

Lift weights to build lean muscle mass and confidence! Don't Diet, eat healthy.  Cut out the processed foods, if it's wrapped in plastic and put into a cardboard box it's probably processed. Get off the scale and take your measurements. Sweat 6 days a week for 45 minutes. Drink 80 ounces of water a day. … Continue reading Top 5 Tips For Getting Summer Sexy