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Fitness Intervention is an upscale women’s fitness boutique.  WE have a ton of variety in the gym, our classes include: FITSTRENGTH, FITHIT, FITBOX, PEDAL, FITLATES, YOGA, FITSTEP, FITBURN, TRX FIT and we’re constantly adding.

We also have private personal training and nutrition counseling available.  SEE THE SERVICES PAGE FOR MORE INFORMATION ON EVERYTHING WE HAVE TO OFFER!

Come do it with your friends or come to make new ones! Not in our area but want to experience this we have online training as well and you join our Sisterhood of Fitness Page and get in on the comradery. 

This unique concept gym is the dream come true of , Holly Culpepper.  As a leading provider of health and fitness coaching, I take pride in offering the best health and fitness solutions. I am dedicated to serving the needs of my clients each and every day.  With 20 years in the industry, a BS in Sport Management with a concentration in Health and Wellness and many nationally accredited certifications I can assure you that you are in good hands.  My team and I have created an all women’s highly motivating environment.  OUR gym is beautifully designed and full of eye pleasing attributes, one client says, “Every time I look around I see something new!”.  It has been my life’s work to create an environment that women will want to come to and feel joy in participating in.  It’s not just workouts it’s sisterhood,  women come here to get in the best shape of their life and also to enjoy the company of their friends or to find women with whom they have common ground with.

What is  intervention: it is the act of entry into a situation in order to influence events or prevent undesirable consequences. You are in control.

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