Kodiak Cakes Power Pancakes Lowdown


My variation of Kodiak Protein Pancakes.

I saw this box of pancake mix at Costco and since I love pancakes I thought I would give a try.  I NEVER make myself pancakes because they are simply just not that good for you.   This mix is better than regular pancake mix.  The directions call for water, however I used almond milk to give it a little more sweetness, it’s been my experience in the past with this kind of stuff that it is a little on the whole grainy side and not that sweet. I haven’t tried it yet with water.  I suppose that is next because it will reduce the carbs by a few.  I also added blueberries to mine.


The Macro Ratio on this recipe is 66% carbs 23% Protein and 11% Fat.  Definitely not for a low carb diet coming in at 40 carbs per serving.  I don’t do low carb so it’s ok. 🙂  You can certainly pair it with some scrambled eggs (1 egg and 2 egg whites) for some extra protein to get you around 25 grams for this meal.  Which is the per meal amount I recommend for my clients.  When doing this it brings the macros to 47% Carbs, 32% Protein and 21%fat.  Which is closer to the overall macro for the day I suggest.


Overall I thought they were good, this something I will be adding into my meal rotation.  They do have a prominent whole grain taste, but I like that.  You could also pre-make these and reheat.  They do reheat well and taste just as good the next day.  If you don’t have a Costco card that’s ok, I’ve attached some amazon links for you to try it out on your own.  Thanks so much for reading and enjoy.