The Trainers Fitness Intervention

I need a Fitness Intervention. As the trainer I shouldn’t. However, on February 16, I was snow skiing and popped a few ligaments in my knee. I couldn’t walk for several days, then I had a significant limp followed by week after week of pain and immobility. Just when I thought I was getting good enough to workout again, POP, I injured the weak joint again. Week after week I babied this knee. I was upset, depressed and annoyed that I could do all the things I was used to doing. So I pretty much put on a pound a week. Three and a half months later I’m much better, I still have some knee restriction but I’m ready to get out of my slump and get rid of my fluff. My daughter is going to be video blogging my journey back to fit along with other gym stuff throughout the day. I’m super nervous about being on camera, but I want everyone to know that even fitness professionals have to find their way back from fluff as well, I am the average woman, except I’m equipped with all the knowledge on what is the best way to get rid of it. So I will be following my own plan that I recommend my clients use. I’m encouraging every one this summer to do it with me, so please contact me for more information on what I can do to help you!!


What I’m trying to get back to

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