Bikini Intervention Bootcamp

So you’ve signed up for Bikini Intervention or you are thinking about doing it.

First things first, you are not expected to get into a bikini at anytime, it just the name.

Next a few items you will need will be a yoga mat or beach towel (or both). I prefer a thick beach towel because yoga mats tend to get ruined on the track.

A hat and or rain jacket. We do workout in the rain a hat will keep the rain out of your eyes and a rain jacket keeps you some what dry. Towards the end we almost beg for a sprinkle to cool off. Rain workouts are so fun! I love them.

A towel, to wipe sweat or dry off after a rain workout.

Water, at least 32 oz. you should drink 8 ounces of water for every 15 mins of sweating.

Mosquito spray and sunblock are good to have as well.

You will also need to download MapMyRun for use during workouts.

A good attitude, it’s a must to bring a good attitude. Don’t beat yourself up because you’re a little out of shape. That’s ok you’re in the right place!!

The first day we will establish a baseline of your fitness so you can see how you progress. Be ready to be pushed…. whatever your fitness level is.

Let’s make This Annual Bikini Intervention the best one!!

Good Luck and let the fun begin!!

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