My Wildtree Freezer Experience 

I bought the Wildtree kit probably six months ago. I opened it and it all seemed really overwhelming. So I put on top of the fridge and forgot about it. I finally decided to put it together.  I went shopping using the enclosed grocery list. Everything ended up costing $175.  I’m sure a more savvy shopper could have reduced that a little. The kit was around $75.  That comes out to be $25 per meal.  Each freezer meal bag feeds 4-6 people.  Which is cheaper than going out and way more nutritious. 

I decided I would make this a family event. We should learn and do these types of thing with our kids so they can take it into their adulthood. This would give them a leg up on healthy eating with their families. It’s also a is great way to spend some quality time as a family working together. 

Everyone was confused at first but by bag 5 we had a rythm.  Label the bag and then start to fill.  Prepping the meat and chopping the vegetables as we filled the bags. After two hours we finished all the bags. 

I did have some leftover meat that I cooked to eat with my Wildtree Mason Jar Salads. I have lunches and dinners for all weak. I’m feeling accomplished and one step closer to getting my life together. 

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