My Wildtree Freezer Experience 

I bought the Wildtree kit probably six months ago. I opened it and it all seemed really overwhelming. So I put on top of the fridge and forgot about it. I finally decided to put it together.  I went shopping using the enclosed grocery list. Everything ended up costing $175.  I’m sure a more savvy shopper could have reduced that a little. The kit was around $75.  That comes out to be $25 per meal.  Each freezer meal bag feeds 4-6 people.  Which is cheaper than going out and way more nutritious. 

I decided I would make this a family event. We should learn and do these types of thing with our kids so they can take it into their adulthood. This would give them a leg up on healthy eating with their families. It’s also a is great way to spend some quality time as a family working together. 

Everyone was confused at first but by bag 5 we had a rythm.  Label the bag and then start to fill.  Prepping the meat and chopping the vegetables as we filled the bags. After two hours we finished all the bags. 

I did have some leftover meat that I cooked to eat with my Wildtree Mason Jar Salads. I have lunches and dinners for all weak. I’m feeling accomplished and one step closer to getting my life together. 

My Top Smoothie Choices

Making your own smoothie is best, but you are not always in a situation where that is attainable.   So you go through The Smoothie Place….My top choices for my clients are as follows.

  1. The plain ole Gladiator: any flavor no fruit….low carb, low sugar and low fat…..It’s straight up protein, freeing up your fat and carbs for later if you want to eat them or if you are following a Keto diet.
  2. The Gladiator: any flavor and a 1 fruit and or 1 serving of peanut butter.  Obviously we are adding carbs, sugar and fat and some day’s you are are going to need it for your macros.  Doing 2 fruits will add to many carbs and sugars.
  3. The Activator Chocolate: has a some carbs (24) and some sugars (14), it is made with coconut water and a banana.
  4. Almond Mocha High Protein, made skinny: this one has carbs (25), sugar (18) and fat (12).  It’s made with almonds so it’s healthy fats and contains caffeine. A good thing for me not so good for others.  You can also swap out the turbinado for a zero calorie sweetener or leave it out all together to reduce the sugar part.
  5.  The Shredder Chocolate: barely makes the cut, and used to my absolute favorite, low in fat and has the diet down enhancer already added.  It also has carbs (36) and Sugar (19).  Which is why it sadly comes in last on my list.

And they are all gluten free.