Dukkah Chicken with Sweet Potatoes

dukkah chicken



1 Pound of chicken breast cutlets. ( you basically want 4 pieces of thin chicken, you can also tenderize it with a meat hammer) You can also make extra for lunch.

Dukkah Seasoning ( This stuff is what makes the dish)

Coconut Oil liquefied

Sweet potatoes (4 medium)


Toss Chicken in coconut oil and Seasoning, it should be lightly coated, bake or pan fry until done.

Diced sweet potatoes and toss in coconut oil and seasoning, lightly coated.  Around 4 tablespoons of seasoning will be needed. Bake in 350 Degree oven for 30 minutes.

Serve with sauteed snap peas, green beans, any thing green!

A great addition to this recipe is citrus sour cream.  1/2 cup light sour cream, with 1 lime squeezed in it.  Zest the the lime and add to the sour cream. Drizzle over chicken and potatoes.


I discovered this dish through HELLO FRESH!

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