Jill’s Fitness Intervention

​That moment you look in the mirror and wonder, “Where the hell did that come from?” Yes, I’m talking about that extra weight you didn’t realize you carried until that one day your favorite pair of capris/pants/shorts/bathing suit/shirt/shoes doesn’t fit the way it used to. Or maybe you notice a little something hanging over the top of your waistline that was never there before… THE TRAJEDY!
​I started working out with Holly a little over a year and a half ago after my mom and sister (Sally and Jessica) started with bikini intervention. My mom was losing weight and being active after a specific time in her life that she wanted to change—what an amazing day that was, and seeing her become healthier and happy.
​I wasn’t very happy with myself at the time and I wanted to change too. Being a nurse you’re taught how to teach everyone else how to be healthy, “moderation is key”. You see the general public with chronic diseases that could be modified by diet and exercise. (Diet and exercise, really? ABSOLUTLELY). After my first few shifts in the ER last summer, I didn’t want to end up like what felt like 100% of the population. I didn’t want to be obese, diabetic, have high blood pressure, kidney failure, etc. All these problems can be avoided by diet and exercise. Not that I don’t enjoy a hamburger, cookie, ice cream or whatever novelty is your favorite. At this time I was working and going to school full time—how would I ever have the time to grocery shop, track food, or work out???
​When you’re miserable with yourself you’ll almost try anything. I went the Holly route. I began with running as much as I could before dark, because if you watch Investigation Discovery as much as I do, you know anyone can come out of those bushes when you’re not looking or blaring your music too loud on your iPod (haha). Day runner-check. I participated in strength classes or personal training classes due to my hectic schedule. After about 3 months, I only lost 2 pounds! I was very angry, disappointed, the “I hate my life” was real. How could I not be losing anything but being so active? Well, my friend Holly reminded me of my diet.
​Crap, a diet, really? YES! According to my health guru your diet is 80% of your life and 20% is activity. Easy for her to say, she’s already fit….huge sigh. Well, I figured she must OBVIOUSLY know what she’s talking about so I downloaded the Lose It app (I still use it to this day) and let her follow me. During the time I used the app I realized how much stuff I eat is terrible. I had no clue half the stuff I ate was terrible for me. I enjoyed having Holly comment on what to stay away from or what to eat more of. I received a shopping list to help me figure out how to organize my day. All this work to be more fit? Ugh. This made me try foods I never would have tried, and that’s a lot because I am one of the pickiest eaters in America (next to Jessica, she will still love me after this).
​My original goal was to get to a certain weight, maintain it, and have muscles. Only within the last 7-8 months not only did I meet my goal, I surpassed it. I lost over 17 pounds. WOW. To some that may not be a lot, but we all have our own goals and our own weight we want to reach. The best feeling is getting on the scale and seeing the numbers dwindle or getting measured and knowing those inches are less. The last few months I was (and am) dedicated, I mean my best friend is getting married in Cancun and I have to wear a bathing suit in front of some people I don’t really want to. So lately, that has been my motivation. For all my morning groupies know when I’m doing abs and it burns, I mumble “Cancun” over and over. It works for me, and you will find things that work for you.
​If there has been anything else besides health that Holly has taught me, its not to compare myself to other people. Every one is different. Everyone loses weight at different paces. Plus, you don’t need to do whacky diet hacks that are ridiculous and more dangerous to your health if you participate. You simply need to watch your diet, try new things, walk or run. Yes, I still occasionally eat my novelty foods but I’m human.
​So a year and half later, I’ve met my goal but I want to keep it. So you’ll see me at the track when I’m not working or in group when I drag myself out of my cozy bed in the mornings. And if you don’t see me, I hope this helps you keep the faith in what you’re doing and know that you will meet your goals if you stick with it. With that being said “Keep Going”, you will be a “Happy Camper”.


Jill Henson